Camp Davis Waiver & Release 

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 Camp Davis Campground
311 Redbrush Road
Boyers, PA 16020




Waiver and Release

2022 Camp Davis Waiver Release Form
All information held strictly confidential

I, (Print Name) __________________________________________________ assume sole responsibility for the safety of my person & property while at Camp Davis Camp-ground.  I acknowledge that I am entering a rustic campground with limited improvements including paths of natural terrain and a gravel roadway.  I am here for the sole express purpose of enjoying the rustic outdoor environment.  I further understand the swimming pool and stream is unattended by a lifeguard and I enter at my own risk.  I acknowledge that there are no security guards and the campground is accessible only through the main entrance.  By signing this waiver and release, I acknowledge and  waive my rights to hold the owners and operators of Camp Davis Campground liable for any injuries that I may sustain as a result of my own action, or by engaging in any activities with other visitors or guests of the campground.  Furthermore, I will abide by all campground rules including but not limited to:

1.  All guests must register upon arrival, each visit.
2.  No illegal drugs permitted.
3.  Speed Limit - 10 MPH.
4.  Clothing is required at our office and during food related events.
5.  Do not litter, use designated containers.   Deposit all trash in dumpster at departure time.
6.  We appreciate the conservation of water.
7.  Be a considerate neighbor.  Keep loud noise to a minimum.  Generators MUST be shut off from 2AM -10AM, our quite hours. 
8.  Respect others privacy & confidentiality.
9.  Keep pets on a leash/chain, control barking, and pick up after pets.
10.  Do not feed wild animals or pets belonging to another person.
11.  No physical altercations.  All parties ejected from campground.
12.  No open sex - bathrooms, pool or common areas.
13.  No electric cords run between sites; No electric grills, heaters, hotplates or A/C units.

14.  Photo's permitted ONLY when all parties, in the picture, give consent.

This Waiver and Release remains in effect for the season and must be completed each year.

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Camp Waiver & Release, click on the  PDF file.