2020 Theme Weekends 


Camp Davis offers a variety of activities.  Our deck, at the heated pool, is the place to be!  Sun worshipers will enjoy the extended deck with tables, chairs and chaise lounges. We also offer shaded areas when its time to escape the rays!  The "Pickle Path" hiking trail circles the entire property where you can enjoy nature by the stream and under the canopy of lush Maples and Pine trees.  You can play volleyball, grill at the picnic pavilion or even take a nap under a tree. On holiday weekends, we host potluck picnics.  The campground provides the meat and our seasonals and visiting guests participate by bringing a side dish.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken are the normal menu, except for our 4th of July annual "Pig Roast"!   These celebrations usually occur poolside - weather permitting.   

Our theme weekends offer a chance to show off your creativity and let the craziness out!!  Come & join the fun with us as our 30th season begins!  Check out our Events calendar, schedule your vacation time, reserve your spot, & get your butt to camp!  

Make your reservations early.  Sites fill up quickly!   Several options to choose from.

  See Sites & Rates page for more details




April  20    Public Opening - 9 am

          25   Rain Coats & Rubber Duckies: CANCELLED  April showers bring May flowers.  It wouldn't be

                 opening weekend without expecting a lil' bit of rain.   Enjoy the evening, perhaps

                 even flash a friend!  It's NOT a bad thing, here!!


May 2      Premature Cinco - Oooops!: CANCELLED  Sponsored by our own Bob & Paul.  Don your attire,

                 grab your partner & practice your Latin rhythms. Work up an appetite for some

                 refreshing adult beverages and Mexican snacks compliments of our hosts.                   


         9      Mad About Hats: CANCELLED   Store bought or homemade, it's a celebration of any and all hats .

    16    Pretty Girl Party! CANCELLED Tis is one of our drag weekends. "Pretty" is a "loose" term, open to quite a bit of          interpretation.  After                   all, beauty IS in the eye of the beholder.   (Wink, wink)  Work it on the run, run, runway, runway!  


                                                                    Memorial Day Weekend.  


                                                                  23  Potluck Dinner - 4 pm. CANCELLED  Please bring your favorite picnic side dish to share.                                                                                                   Weather permitting, we'll dine at the pool. (A Camp Davis sponsored event)

                                                                     23  Madonna Mania:  Holiday Dance to all of the 80's hits, spun by DJ Rod


                                                                     24  Ode to the 80's:   Holiday Dance to all of the 80's hits, spun by DJ Rod                                                                                            

                                                       30 Boxer, Boots, & Bowties:   Dress it up or dress down, on Boxer night, there are no                                                                                     frowns!   Original quote by Austin Powers, Int'l Man of Mystery.                                                                                    




 June  6   Junkyard Dawg:  Create an outfit from other peoples trash or yard sale items.

                 Be careful - don't get caught dumpster diving.  Good luck! 

           13   OPEN DANCE PARTY! Dance naked or your hottest underwear.

                   Due to Social Distancing requirements FOAM has been cancelled this month.

          20   It Takes a Village, People!-Sperm Donor's Spectacular:   On Fathers Day

                   Weekend, we sport a 70's theme with a strong salute to cowboy,  American

                   Indian, construction worker, and military uniform.  Let's not forget leather.  


            27  Underwear - Live it, love it, but don't laugh, that's rude!






                                                                                          July Fourth Weekend


                                                                                    July  3  Holiday Dance - Red, White & Blue:  Celebrate our Independence in                                                                                                           color.


                                                                                    4    White Party,   Evening pool party with DJ, dancing, drinking, white                                                                                                                  decorations & attire.  Casual, dress-up, or white trash!

                                                                                                   Sponsored by our Seasonals Ronn & David.                                                                                              

                                                                                   11   Bare as You Dare              

                                                                                  18   Pride:  Pittsburgh Pride Weekend                                                                                                  

                                                                                   25   Christmas in July:  FREE ELECTIC up to $30 for best decorated Seasonal site.  Sponsored by Robb & David.





Aug 1    Roman Greco Toga:  At sundown, dance the night away, commando, in a toga.  


      08   Camo/MilitarySalute the military and hide from "prying" eyes  in your favorite

              camouflage.  I always feel like some body is watching me.  How about you? 


       15   Cocks in Jocks

       21   Bears Weekend: A very popular weekend, so book early! 

              Bear Karaokeby Pass the Mic.  DJ - CrazyBob 9pm-11pm.

              Midnight Bear PlungeCool off those hot, bear booty's!!


        22   BEAR Dance

        22   Sponsored by Central Outreach. 11am-4pm

               Private & Confidential:  HIV. Syphilis, Gonorrhea & Chlamydia testing.

               Condom & Lube packets.

      28-29  Club Pittsburgh visits Camp Davis   


           29 Sponsored by Central Outreach. 11am-4pm

               Private & Confidential:  HIV. Syphilis, Gonorrhea & Chlamydia testing.

               Condom & Lube packets. Info on Prep.              

        29   Leather & Levi's:    Dance to the music  & strut your stuff for our Camp Davis

               Mr. Leather 2020.  Vote determined at midnight by crowd participation! 




                                                             Labor Day Weekend


                                                                Sept 5 Holiday Dance - Working Class Stiff:  Dress in your favorite blue collar attire to                                                                                          celebrate the working man.


                                                                            Holiday Dance - Drag it all to Hell!This is your chance to do it anyway you like! 

                                                                               No right, no wrong!                                                                                                                                                                                           

                                                                         12   Camp-O-Con:   Your chance to get your role play/costume extravaganza on


                                                                         19   Fall FestivalWarm clothes, colorful fall decorations, and spicy drinks.


                                                                         26   Country Cow Poke'Our C/W weekend.  Grab a cowboy & do what comes                                                                                                  natural....?  Boots, bolo, and beau!  I'll tell ya' what, we're a fixin' to do some dancin'.                                                                                    Tap your toes to the 2-step, 3-step, country waltz, or a line dance.


                                                                  Oct 3  Non-traditional Oktoberfest We celebrate ALL alcoholic beverages.  Bring your

                                                                              beer, wine, liquor, grain alcohol, or moonshine to party & share!  We'll have

                                                                              some German snacks, but liquor is our priority.   By the time we're done with

                                                                              drinking, we won't care if you're in German attire or naked.   Europeans don't 

                                                                              have problems with nudity.  


                                                                          10 Masquerade


                                                                        11  Public Closing - 8pm 

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