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theme weekends


Our theme weekends offer a chance to show off your creativity and let the craziness out!!  Come & join the fun with us as our 32nd season begins!  Check out our Events calendar, schedule your vacation time, reserve your spot, bring your sense of humor and get your butt to camp!  

Make your reservations early.  Sites fill up quickly, and there are several options to choose from.

See Sites & Rates page for more details








          19   Public Opening - 9 am

          24   Polar Plunge:  Be the first to take a dip in the pool.  Come' on be brave!!  No worries mate - it'll un-shrivel.   

                 Music by DJ Lethal666.




           1    Premature Cinco - Oooops!:  Sponsored by our own Bob & Paul.  Don your attire, grab your partner & practice your Latin rhythms for

                music played by DJ Ray.  Work up an appetite for some refreshing adult beverages and Mexican snacks,  compliments of our hosts.  


           8    Happy Mother's Day...........Karen:     Inspired by, probably, the worst mother in America!   Its your chance to look, act & be Karen!  What

                 fun! It's like Turrets, but not!   DJ Ray on duty!


          15    Blast from the Past: Pay tribute to your favorite time - eon, century or decade.  Dress up & request your favorite music

                 from Lethal666.  

           22   Curse of the Cocktails:   Select a concoction to bring, We'll review & winners will get a prize or two.  Don't Worry! 

                 The curse won't affect DJ Ray.   


 Memorial Day Weekend.                                                                


            29  Potluck Dinner - 4 pm:  Please bring your favorite picnic side dish to share.  Weather permitting, we'll dine at the pool.

                 A Camp Davis sponsored event


            29  Passion of the Pink, Flamingo:  Think Pink; drink, attire & feathers!  Bring your nest & hunker on down. Eggs are fun

                 so says DJ Lethal666.  

       30      Camo/Military/Uniform:  Salute the military, the working stiff, and hide from "prying" eyes  in your favorite camouflage.  I always


                 feel  like some body is watching me.  




              5  Pittsburgh Pride - Celebrate our history and individual uniqueness with our own DJ, and self-imposed, "Sweet but Psycho!" 


             12  FOAM in your Undies!   Better than in your mouth!  So much gaggin' & spitting, Really gurl!  Club PIT is joining us to enjoy the fun                        & DJ Ray's                          spinning.                      

            20  Do-A-Daddy:  On Fathers Day, what better way to show appreciation?  You think Sweet but Psycho! will go crazy w/the tunes -

                 yeah, me too! 


            26  Leather & Levi's:  Dance to the music  & strut your stuff for our Camp Davis Mr. Leather 2021.  Vote determined  at midnight by

                 crowd participation!  Lethal & Leather look alike, but Lethal666 will burn your leather off.                    




Fourth Weekend

               Central Outreach Wellness Center will be on site for FREE STI testing.

               Dirty South Leather will set up shop so bring your wallet!  Be sure to check out thier website.


          3   Pigs &  Pups Weekend. Pup Mosh & Lube Wrestling & Crazy Bob with Pass the Mic.

          4   Annual Pig Roast- 4pm - Please bring your favorite picnic side dish to share.  Weather permitting, we'll dine at the pool.

               A Camp Davis sponsored event 

          4   Hawaiian Luau:  Bring your grass skirt, tacky Hawaiian Shirt & DJ Sweet but Psycho will be inspecting your coconuts.                                                                                                                                                                            

         10   Don't Mesh w/Me:   Try on a mesh fetish.  See how it fits.  Dont "mesh" the music up, Sweet but Psycho!    

         17   Naked FOAM:  Need I say moe??    I think not.    Ray the DJ will say it for us.


         24  Illuminary:  A celebration of light.  Any and all lights.  Thx for the music, Ray!

               Special Guests: Pittsburgh Hassers!  

         31  Xmas-2-NYE:  We combining two holidays into one special night.  We'll have  our annual gift exchange 8pm, Rec Hall, dancing

              with Lethal666, and culminate the evening with a New Year's Eve midnight toast.

              Best decorated Seasonal site wins FREE electric for a month $30 value. Sponsored by Robb & David. 




             OMG!  Nudi-lympics.  Sponsored by, our good friends, John & Chris 

        6   Roman-Greco Toga Party - poolside - 9pm to midnight w/DJ Ray


        7   Gay Games of Davis, poolside, afternoon. 

             Saturday 12pm-5pm

             3 legged race; Cannonball Contest; Ballon Toss; Slip N Slide; Wheelbarrow Race;

             Penththlon: Cock Toss; Hula Hoop; Dicksus; Cream Pie; & Butt Print Race.

             Medal presentation later in Rec Hall. 

             Black Light Body Paint - evening - Rec Hall.   Paint a friend or yourself.  Paint supplies provided by 

             camp.   Have fun!  Who will paint DJ, Sweet but Psycho!...? 

       14   Jockstrap:   Fun & revealing!  Burn the jocks off, Lethal666, please?

Bear Weekend: A very popular weekend, so book early!

        20  Bear Karaoke:  by Pass the Mic.  DJ - CrazyBob 9pm-11pm.  Midnight Bear Plunge:  Cool off those hot, bear booty's!!

        21   Pot Luck Dinner.  Burgers, Hot Dogs, & Chicken Breast  supplied by Camp, please bring your favorite d

        21   Bears in FOAM  w/Bear awards at 11pm - Rec Hall.  Sweet but Psycho!, DJ.            


        28   Bathhouse   DJ Ray will entertain us & our visitors:  Club PIT and Party Naked Pittsburgh. 






Labor Day Weekend


          4  Working Men:    Holiday dance.  Dress in your favorite blue collar attire to celebrate the working man.  Sweet but Psycho! will be a

              working man.  Sweet But Physcho will be your DJ and he wants to see you work. 

         5   Hag Drag: 

              Fingers & Cocks Progressive Appetizer & Cocktail party.  9-11pm 

              Holiday dance w/CrazyBob as your DJ. 



         11   Fall Festival:  Warm clothes, colorful leaves & spicy, spicy drinks.  Lethal666's music will keep it warm.


         18  Country Cow Poke':  Our C/W weekend.  Grab a cowboy & do what comes natural....?  Boots, bolo, and beau!  tap your toes to the

              2- step,  3-step, country waltz, or a line dance.

         25  Party in your Pants - Place an object in your pants and allow others to figure what it is. Go, go Sweet but Psycho!, go                                     go....................................spin them "tunes!



          2  A Time to Detox - Yeah, Right!!  Its just too soon to quit drinking.  The season is NOT yet over!   Grab it, get it, & go.....!  Run to the Rec                  Hall for Rays' music.    


          9  Masquerade.......You know the routine.   Perhaps, Sweet but Psycho! can help?


         16  Adios, Au'reviour, farwell, so long.  There is no theme or DJ services this weekend.  It an opportunity to say goodbye

              to friends and perhaps help them close up for the season.  

         17  Public Closing - 6pm 

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